#60: Air

A dream: It is September 19, 1783. You are inside the palace of Versailles along with the court (including Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette). Perhaps you establish your location there by glancing at yourself in a mirror in the great hall—as a mise-en-abyme. Or is this too much of a cliché? Perhaps you are dressed … Continue reading #60: Air


#15 L/UK/17: Calibration Mark

[Calibration Mark AC48] [Calibration Mark AF49] [Calibration Mark AD49] [Calibration Mark AE48] [Calibration Mark AF48] [Calibration Mark AM43] [Calibration Mark X47] [Calibration Mark AJ48] [Calibration Mark AG49] [Calibration Mark X48] [Calibration Mark AJ46] [Calibration Mark AM48] [Calibration Mark AE49] [Calibration Mark AB48] [Calibration Mark AC47] [Calibration Mark AD48] [Calibration Mark AK45] [Calibration Mark AH49] [Calibration … Continue reading #15 L/UK/17: Calibration Mark