#65: “unconscious is an orphan”, Part. 1

PART ONE: INTERSTELLAR DUST I. Desiring-production [INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL ON ASTRO-ANALYSIS]   A. Multiplying the unconscious: 1. Not the [singular] id [ça], but machines: a. flow [flux]: energy-source-machine b. interruptions [coupures]: organ-machine 2. Machines of real production: feeling capable of explanation B. Schizophrenic stroll 1. Better model [of unconscious desire] than neurotic a. movement b. relation … Continue reading #65: “unconscious is an orphan”, Part. 1


#60: Air

A dream: It is September 19, 1783. You are inside the palace of Versailles along with the court (including Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette). Perhaps you establish your location there by glancing at yourself in a mirror in the great hall—as a mise-en-abyme. Or is this too much of a cliché? Perhaps you are dressed … Continue reading #60: Air

#42: QASM

Text is a part of QASM project & QASM is a performative&collaborative SC(s)F = Speculatively Contemplative (Sonic) Fiction. https://qasmweb.wordpress.com I. II. The QASM text is divided into three paragraphs: (-) = 1, : = 2, (:) = 3, each paragraph representing a particular view of the given topic. The first paragraph presents an official denomination, such as AAA … Continue reading #42: QASM

#20 L/UK/17-18: Introduction to WCHYGA

01 Stud vyjadřuje odmítnutí hybris. Postava performerky odmítá pokušení transcendentovat svůj lidský úděl, který před ní otevírá stroj. Není však hybris lidským údělem, nebo aspoň údělem západní civilizace? Protože touha stát se někým jiným je hybnou silou psychické indiviuace, v tom smyslu, že je neoddělitelná od historie západního člověka. Jestliže technika vyrůstá z člověka, jestliže … Continue reading #20 L/UK/17-18: Introduction to WCHYGA