New Translation of François Laruelle’s Nietzsche contre Heidegger, Chapter 1

New Translation of François Laruelle’s Nietzsche contre Heidegger, Chapter 1> TAKEN FROM FRACTAL ONTOLOGY _ @TADKINS613> Laruelle, François. Nietzsche contre Heidegger. Payot: Paris, 1977, p. 9-20. Translated by Taylor Adkins 1. THE TWO POLITICS OF NIETZSCHE 1. Thesis 1: Nietzsche is the revolutionary thinker who corresponds to the era of Imperialism in Capitalism, and more specifically to the era of … Continue reading New Translation of François Laruelle’s Nietzsche contre Heidegger, Chapter 1


#67: Hypn(0)tism

  Rosenblatt describes multiple algorithms for training this model “reinforcement systems”   that are clearly influenced by Hebb’s theory of learning in real neural networks. Some algorithms that only strengthen the connections between activated S-Units “positive reinforcement”   and A-Units   some that only weaken the connection between activate   S-Units   “negative reinforcement”   … Continue reading #67: Hypn(0)tism

#66: Perceptron ~ Hypn0tism

  Rosenblatt describes the connection between the biological models through the simplified mathematical model of McCulloch-Pitts that describes a neuron as a binary threshold function. If the weighted sum of inputs surpasses a certain threshold value, the neuron   “fires”   resulting in a value of one, otherwise the value is zero. As the name … Continue reading #66: Perceptron ~ Hypn0tism

#65: “unconscious is an orphan”, Part. 1

PART ONE: INTERSTELLAR DUST I. Desiring-production [INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL ON ASTRO-ANALYSIS]   A. Multiplying the unconscious: 1. Not the [singular] id [ça], but machines: a. flow [flux]: energy-source-machine b. interruptions [coupures]: organ-machine 2. Machines of real production: feeling capable of explanation B. Schizophrenic stroll 1. Better model [of unconscious desire] than neurotic a. movement b. relation … Continue reading #65: “unconscious is an orphan”, Part. 1

New Translation of François Laruelle’s “Homo ex Machina” (1980)

> TAKEN FROM FRACTAL ONTOLOGY _ @tadkins613 > Laruelle, François. “Homo ex Machina”, Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Étranger, vol. 170, no. 3, 1980, pp. 325-342. Translated by Taylor Adkins > Homo ex Machina How One Becomes Machine-Man We ordinarily recognize a single machine-Man1 tradition. But there are two, perhaps three; they appear the moment … Continue reading New Translation of François Laruelle’s “Homo ex Machina” (1980)

#64: Psychometric Profiling

After revelations about the role of Cambridge Analytica in election influence surfaced, one of the company's most touted tactics — psychometric profiling — has become a matter of public interest. The goal of psychometric profiling is to measure the psychological faculties of subjects of interest as accurately as possible. The conscious and intelligent manipulation of … Continue reading #64: Psychometric Profiling

#63: Xenotext

The xenotext offers no redemption, no written promise of hidden treasure, no icon of value, no delivery of some precious, proto-signifying, specie. What was a past meaning, waiting intact and whole to be claimed, independent of the act of retrieving it, is displaced by a de-mythologised future significance, fractured, open and inherently plural. For the … Continue reading #63: Xenotext