PART ONE: INTERSTELLAR DUST I. Desiring-production [INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL ON ASTRO-ANALYSIS]   A. Multiplying the unconscious: 1. Not the [singular] id [ça], but machines: a. flow [flux]: energy-source-machine b. interruptions [coupures]: organ-machine 2. Machines of real production: feeling capable of explanation B. Schizophrenic stroll 1. Better model [of unconscious desire] than neurotic a. movement b. relation … Pokračování textu #65: UNCONSCIOUS IS AN ORPHAN, PART. 1

#62: Long dark night of the soul

1986: JAPAN AIRLINES 747 OVER ALASKA Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 was near the end of the Iceland-to-Anchorage leg of its flight from Paris to Tokyo with a cargo of wine, when its flight crew saw and tracked three unidentified objects. On the night of November 17, 1986, the sighting of at least one of … Pokračování textu #62: Long dark night of the soul

#47: 648

All spaces are mastered there, metricized by numbers. It is indeed a matter of applied geometry. It remains to divide the land. The dividing is done the same as weighing on a balance. You can think of the dots as cities and the arrows as available airline flights, or the dots as states of a physical system and … Pokračování textu #47: 648

#16 L/UK/17: [Taqiyya], Part. 1

a₁. The Basic of Live and Death [The Future of Go] → rubicon vs. redeemer? > Chinese Go master [Ke Jie] departed from his typical style of play and opened with a [3:3 point] strategy – a highly unusual approach aimed at quickly claiming corner territory at the start of the game. The placement i rare amongst Go … Pokračování textu #16 L/UK/17: [Taqiyya], Part. 1