#67: Hypn(0)tism

  Rosenblatt describes multiple algorithms for training this model “reinforcement systems”   that are clearly influenced by Hebb’s theory of learning in real neural networks. Some algorithms that only strengthen the connections between activated S-Units “positive reinforcement”   and A-Units   some that only weaken the connection between activate   S-Units   “negative reinforcement”   … Continue reading #67: Hypn(0)tism


#66: Perceptron ~ Hypn0tism

  Rosenblatt describes the connection between the biological models through the simplified mathematical model of McCulloch-Pitts that describes a neuron as a binary threshold function. If the weighted sum of inputs surpasses a certain threshold value, the neuron   “fires”   resulting in a value of one, otherwise the value is zero. As the name … Continue reading #66: Perceptron ~ Hypn0tism

#58: [0]–Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA, 3/3, CZ

> 3_část eseje [0] – Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA 2_část zde 1_část zde > Tibetští mniši v jedné z povídek A. C. Clarka přivádějí odborníky na výpočetní procesy, aby vypočítali všechna boží jména. Když svůj úkol dokončili a předpověď konce se naplnila, technici se vracejí dolů údolím a hvězdy jedna po druhé hasnou. Jinými slovy řečeno, … Continue reading #58: [0]–Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA, 3/3, CZ

#57: [0]-Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA, 3/3, EN

▓▓ 3 FINAL PART OF THE ESSAY [0] – Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA  2 PART – HERE 1 PART – HERE ▓▓ In a short story by A. C. Clarke, Tibetan monks hire calculation process experts to list all God’s names. When they complete their task and the prophecy of the end is fulfilled, the technicians … Continue reading #57: [0]-Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA, 3/3, EN

#48: [0]-Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA, 2/3, EN

▓▓ 2_PART OF THE ESSAY [0] – Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA  1_ PART – HERE ▓▓  [0] ↔ AiS&SiA, Part 2/3 While world maps render space in x- and y-axes, no linear geometry without thick verticality could represent the most entrenched geopolitical conflicts, rational and irrational alike.* I. Each black hole is inhabited by the eye … Continue reading #48: [0]-Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA, 2/3, EN

#47: 648

All spaces are mastered there, metricized by numbers. It is indeed a matter of applied geometry. It remains to divide the land. The dividing is done the same as weighing on a balance. You can think of the dots as cities and the arrows as available airline flights, or the dots as states of a physical system and … Continue reading #47: 648