> Excerpts from THE OANKALI TURNED ITS TENTACLES TOWARDS ME. THE OANKALI TURNED ITS TENTACLES TOWARDS ME was diagrammed, written and edited by the students of the Theory-Fiction Seminar of the CCC Research Master Program from September 2017 to June 2018. The Theory-Fiction Seminar is conceived and led by Kodwo Eshun.     Out of … Pokračování textu CHLOE SUGDEN: ALIEN-HUMAN EROTICS IN OCTAVIA BUTLER’S DAWN


> Taken from Futures and Fiction Books > An Intro, a Future, a Fiction It is awkward to talk about a piece of work that hasn’t happened yet. Writing this, I am midway through the process of completing the web series Revisiting Genesis. An artist needs time to reflect on their work, and insight is … Pokračování textu Oreet Ashery: REVISITING GENESIS >>>

Interview with a non-existing author

This interview has been generated using OpenAI's gpt-2 170MB language model. Some of the interviewer's questions are written by me, others were generated by the model itself. I did some minimal editing, like removing repeated sentences, but no correction of grammar or changes of words. > Taken from: Interview with a non-existing author by @quasimondo > Q: … Pokračování textu Interview with a non-existing author

#67: Hypn(0)tism

  Rosenblatt describes multiple algorithms for training this model “reinforcement systems”   that are clearly influenced by Hebb’s theory of learning in real neural networks. Some algorithms that only strengthen the connections between activated S-Units “positive reinforcement”   and A-Units   some that only weaken the connection between activate   S-Units   “negative reinforcement”   … Pokračování textu #67: Hypn(0)tism

#66: Perceptron ~ Hypn0tism

  Rosenblatt describes the connection between the biological models through the simplified mathematical model of McCulloch-Pitts that describes a neuron as a binary threshold function. If the weighted sum of inputs surpasses a certain threshold value, the neuron   “fires”   resulting in a value of one, otherwise the value is zero. As the name … Pokračování textu #66: Perceptron ~ Hypn0tism

#58: [0]–Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA, 3/3, CZ

> 3_část eseje [0] – Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA 2_část zde 1_část zde > Tibetští mniši v jedné z povídek A. C. Clarka přivádějí odborníky na výpočetní procesy, aby vypočítali všechna boží jména. Když svůj úkol dokončili a předpověď konce se naplnila, technici se vracejí dolů údolím a hvězdy jedna po druhé hasnou. Jinými slovy řečeno, … Pokračování textu #58: [0]–Asymmetry is Strategy&SiA, 3/3, CZ