#63: Xenotext

The xenotext offers no redemption, no written promise of hidden treasure, no icon of value, no delivery of some precious, proto-signifying, specie. What was a past meaning, waiting intact and whole to be claimed, independent of the act of retrieving it, is displaced by a de-mythologised future significance, fractured, open and inherently plural. For the xenotext there is nothing to retrieve; there is only language in a state of potential and never actualised interpretation. What it signifies is its capacity to further signify ..Its value is determined by its ability to bring readings of itself into being. A xenotext thus has no ultimate ‚meaning‘, no single, canonical, definitive, or final ‚interpretation‘: it has a signifed only to the extent that it can be made to engage in the process of creating an inter­pretive future for itself. It ‚means‘ what its interpreters cannot prevent it om meaning.


The xenotext offers no redemption…

Brian Rotman, Signifying Nothing (1987)


The word is now a virus.

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