#60: Air

A dream: It is September 19, 1783. You are inside the palace of Versailles along with the court (including Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette). Perhaps you establish your location there by glancing at yourself in a mirror in the great hall—as a mise-en-abyme. Or is this too much of a cliché? Perhaps you are dressed in period costume. Or maybe an anachronistic Emma Peel–style aerodynamic ight suit designed for maximum mobility. Or both, in the way that dreams allow. You leave the palace and move into the garden just at the moment that the Montgolfier brothers have nished all of the processes associated with heating air. You breathe in: there is no residual smoke odor. The Montgolfiers are just lifting o , accompanied by several farm animals. Along with the court—oblivious to the preparatory energy-intensive stages— you marvel as the balloon oats upward and then comes back down safely (no animals are harmed in this experiment). Or maybe you are in the basket. Or simultaneously watching from below and oating upward.



<Time to wake up>



<Air and Water>

<Air = idea>


<{in} Air>


<Air = Nothing>


<Air = {A Figure} Nothing>


 <Air rights>


<Air is clean>


<Air or wind>


<Air as a fuel>






<Air and gasoline>


<{From} Air {to} Cyclone B>


<Air {to} Zen (and the Art of Zzzz’s)>



<Air = silence, ductility, power over fire, ubiquity, indispensable food of a supreme matter, indispensable ingredient, docility, obedience, force, pressure of force, it goes everywhere, dominates everything, it is the ultimate Virtue>


…thought pieces related to insects in the broadest sense.



Energy can be understood as a heterogeneous set of self-mystifying systems or machines that block access to thought as they fascinate us.





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