#23 L/UK/17- 21: DUST


Impact dampers → Consciousness → Sinofuturism

Intelligence catastrophe → The return of the old gods

She is a Drone →  She is a cyborg nomad →  she is a good fiction

… a drone is male of bee → Fullnes of time.


The harmony of the spheres → The organon of extinction

For the distances collapsed

For the figure failed to humanize the scale

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

For the mode of address equal to the war
Every cradle is a crave → The mirroring that binds into freedom → The hornless ritual

Chaos – The four-fold word that is equal to Babylon, The seven-fold world

You can’t have a stable democracy without a professional military


A world on the cusp of the singularity → Any subject will do so long as it recedes → Another woman shall awake

Surface effects

Without our knowledge → New content coming soon

Definitions crossed → War has its own laws → Made wind




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