#21 L/UK/17-19: 落下

[Nanotechnology]¹ ferrofluid = [AQ²⁹⁴. ANARCHO-FEUDALISM #RhettTwitter BABYLON WORKING&TECHNO-SATANISM]¹

[The Fluid’s]² always active, and intelligent = [AQ¹²⁵. CAPITAL&SPIDER]²

Some refer immediately to the supernatural, but is by no means clear supernatural  entities must be weird – Mark Fisher

What’s happening on [the Earth]³ by [proxy]⁴

[AQ⁹⁷. AI-SEED]³ → [AQ¹⁴⁷. PROXY]⁴

Snímek obrazovky 2017-06-15 v 23.04.36Snímek obrazovky 2017-06-15 v 23.08.45Snímek obrazovky 2017-06-15 v 23.09.02Snímek obrazovky 2017-06-15 v 23.09.26Snímek obrazovky 2017-06-15 v 23.10.37Snímek obrazovky 2017-06-15 v 23.09.43

[Source – Rakka] → 落下


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