#12 P&L/UK/17-10

A private and deliberately elitist enclave of soaring towers ↑↓

⤹ Turn ⤵

⥀            tendse to sink under the accumulated weight of the city → ground making geology

Z víru mlha – z mlhy chaos

Infra-World ⟲ mapuje historii podzemí.

Geo → gnomonic → projection → azimuthal

Collaps → classed

[-1] ↔ Sinkh(o)le

(o) = Lens



[Each black hole is inhabited by the eye of different animal].

[1]. [Input – (o) – Output]

[2]. Input – (the inner field) – Output

[3]. [hash] function of speleogenesis

[4]. Poromechanical cosmology


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